2001/2002 Greenpeace Antarctic expedition against whaling:
Every year a whale hunt, sponsored by the Japanese government, kills over 400 minke whales off the coast of Antarctica in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. This year, like many years, Greenpeace activists where on hand to peacefully intervene.
Looks rough.
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Slightly rough weather
There's a strip of ocean - south of Australia, north of the Antarctic ice - which is famously tough sailing. We were pretty lucky when it came to weather, but it wasn't always a smooth ride.
Following into the ice.
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Into the ice
The classic tactic is to take a small fast boat, and put it between the whale and the harpoon. But it's not always that straight forward. Sometimes the whale hunting ships would plough through a field of pack ice. When they came out the other side, or reached a pocket of open water, the whalers would be able hunt unhindered. There was no way the plastic and rubber Greenpeace boats were going to chase them into the ice. Right?

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